Salut. I am half way through the Rocket French Premium. I feel I have decent understanding of the courses as I go through each one. But when I listen to French Radio or watch French tv via the internet. I can't seem to understand what they are saying. all the words blend together. I wonder if I am actually learning anything. Any suggestions? Matt


Je suis à mi-chemin à travers la Prime Rocket français. Je sens que j'ai compréhension décente de cours que je passe par chacun d'eux. Mais quand j'écoute la radio ou regarder la télévision française français via Internet. Je n'arrive pas à comprendre ce qu'ils disent. tous les mots se mélangent. Je me demande si je suis en train d'apprendre quoi que ce soit. Des suggestions?


Bonjour Matthew, Un peu de patience encore. On dit qu'on arrive à tout avec de la patience. Probablement tu dois écouter radio ou regarder télévision sans le comprendre tout, comme un enfant qui doit d'abord se familiariser avec les sons. Aussi, probablement tu dois écouter beaucoup des leçons en français plus faciles que la radio ou la télévision..... et un peu après, peut-être tu pourras peu à peu mieux comprendre. Bon courage !!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm learning french as well, I'm a native spanish speaker and fluent in English, what I can tell you from my experience with English is that listening to radio requires too much patience and a very advanced skill set and mastery of the language so instead of encouraging and keep you motivated radio could make you feel discouraged, here is my advice, read comics, watch cartoons on TV, but radio is a very advanced stage of a language acquisition process.


Gracias Damian, That sounds like great advice.


Bonjour Matt, i've only been a member for 5 minutes and here I am commenting. Je recommande que vous commencez à écoute la programmation pour enfants. La répétition des mots et des sons aidera à faire la transition de programmation ordinaire. Bonne chance Rose


Matt. I recommend listening to french children's programming to start. It's amazing how much you truly learn. It helps because the kids programming have so many word and sound blend repetitions a baby step to adult programming. Be patient, and really remember that you at first need to focus on the listening. Good luck Rose


Bonjour à tous! Don't feel discouraged that you feel lost. It takes some time to understand fluent French. A suggestion that I have found to work with many people is to watch documentaries or new reports in French because they often have pictures and videos that go along with the narration which makes it a lot easier to follow and understand. J'espère que cela vous aide! - I hope this helps! - Marie-Claire


Bonjour Following up on the above comments, can anyone advice how someone in Ireland can watch / listen to french programs / channels that we can add a channel manually through SKY? Nice


bonjour Marie - Claire comment allez - vous ? je ne comprend pas : 1.13 qiantities ( part 1 ) " quarante et un pourquoi le son est similar avec cent , please help me . 1.14 quantities ( part 2 ). cent ci : qu'est - ce que c'est en francàis ? merci beaucoup


Salut Susien! Je vais très bien merci et vous? Merci beaucoup d'avoir parlé de ce problème dnas le leçon 1.13. Je le changerai dès que possible. Thanks. As for your question regarding lesson 1.14, I'm not sure exactly what you are asking? À bientôt, - Marie-Claire


I like watching French cooking shows. They are good for visually seeing what they are doing and using while telling you what they are doing and using. They use many of the same terms over and over again so you become familiar with them.


I seem to be able to tune into a french radio station on longwave from the UK.. not sure what station it is but it really helps to hear words i know being used in different contexts. I have just found a website with some French childrens books which might be useful: http://www.thefrenchexperiment.com/stories/ There is audio and translations too so it's quite good.


j'ai un ami au travail qui parle francais et je practique avec elle. Elle parle trop vite.


I use rocket french to practice my pronounsiation, but I don't think one thing is enough. I use Living Language for the grammar rules and vocab, Even though at the begining it soundid too fast, I would put my movies in french. It helped to see shows made for toddler like TTrotro with subtiles. Or getting books with sound recordings. when I got use to it, I stoped using sub, and by the time I actualy learned the vocab or I saw it in my lessons, it was easier to remember. Now I see Tituef, they speaks really fast, an exagerate the accents, you can find it on youtube with or without subs. when your ear gets used to it, try not using the subs. Oh and Muzzy helps too! (Libraries have them)...... I bearly in leesson 12 in my begginner book, but I can understand most of it and read it....I just can't find any one to practice with! (people that I know won't talk to me in french! Just English!)


I loved to study french language with Rocket Languages, because it gave me opportunity to learn another language. It has been a long time I was looking for one website language to get more knowelge about languages and I am sure I met a wonderfull website. Up to now, I am going to aproch my time studying french language and another one. I am very happy today, because it is the best way to improve english, spanish, french, italian and another language. But at first, I must thank our God for everthing that he helped me and keep going to give me opportunities to get more knowledge. Nowaday, I am one the best person, but I wouldn´t be this one if I didn´t believe in him. I thank my Sir very much because YOU exists in our lifes. See you later.


Salut Marie-Claire! J'aime lire vos messages,je les comprends trés bien. C'est une bonne pratique. I am taking Rocket Language ,and I also go to French classes, but am very shy to speak it. Do you you know any web page that is good for videos or movies?. Thank you, Merci.

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