Forum Rocket French Conversation in French why is there masculin and feminene words

why is there masculin and feminene words


why is there masculine and feminine words


It"s just that you have to say things with "the" "a" or "an" always, like "the book." "an orange" I think It becomes fimale or male depending on the word if it sounds female or male( I guess if the ending of a word sounds with fem or male vouls, and all plural are male.) I'm Hispanic, so we do that too. I didn't realise it till I started to learn french. I'm using Maximum french beginner(Living Language/ from the library) it gives good explanations about the grammar and the audio helps alot to remember those rules eventually you'l get use to it...


This comes from the original latin form - which is why spanish and italian also have it. basically, the answer is that's the way the language is - and there is no rhyme or reason why one word is masculine and the other feminine, though there are trends. Old english was simliar, but we dropped it over time.


Although the rule in all romance laguages seems to be that depending on the noun wether it is masculine or feminine so will the article, this is not always the case.


If you think about it, English and a couple other languages are the odd men out. Lots of other languages have genders for everything.


Hi Jayden, I read somewhere on the site states that most words ending in a vowel are considered feminine (no specific reason as to why) and words ending in a silent consonant is considered masculine. And, of course they're exceptions to the rules. Guru's please do correct me if I am wrong.

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