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Children's shows or movies in Japanese

イ リ ニ


I would like to ask if anyone could recommend some children's shows / films that I can watch in Japanese.  Movies are far too fast-paced for me - I can barely pick up individual words in some of the Japanese anime because the characters speak SO fast!  I'm 2/3 of the way through level 1 in my studies, so looking for something really geared towards beginners.

I thought that perhaps listening to shows created for children would be helpful.   Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

toru e

If you have Netflix, have you watched "Rilakkuma and Kaoru"? The pace is leisurely, so dialogue is not coming at you rapid fire. You learn grammar points like 〜てばかり (keeps doing something) and vocabulary like 誘拐 / ゆうかい (する) / abduction. :D


They're not specifically children's shows, but I find services like and very helpful for watching アニメ or ドラマ since they provide full transcripts.

If you want something that has slower dialogue I'd recommend Studio Ghibli films like 千と千尋の神隠し / Spirited Away. The dialogue is not as slow as entertainment meant for preschoolers, but it's slower than your average show aimed at adults.


Speaking of preschoolers, I stumbled on the Japanese PinkFong ("Baby Shark!") channel (>y<)


On TV Japan, there are great children's programs.  My favorite is "Chatty Jays Sundry Shop".  I'm able to pick up quite a bit of the conversation.  It's only a 10 minute show.  There are quite a few others, like "Fun With Japanese", "With Mother", etc.


most anime as pretty good and you can tell by the rating if it is aimed for children or more older people.


The animation of "Rilakkuma and Kaoru" is beautiful but if you want something more edgy with a little more dialogue "Aggretsuko" is also on Netflix. :)


By the way did you see the thread in another area about anime lab. There are online providers that have endless anime to choose from for online streaming to watch. There is premium paid subscription and also free with adds and lack of dubbing which is suitable for what you want.


If you like kittens, there are several anime series about a kitten named "Chi." "Chi's Sweet Home" and "Chi's Sweet Adventure." They are aimed at children but this adult found them entertaining enough to complete the Sweet Adventure series.


For those in the USA, Chi's Sweet Adventure is available on Amazon Prime both dubbed and subbed. It's very cute, but I'm a little wary of Chi's baby speak.


Alright seems people are mentioning shows. My favourite is Tetsuwan Atomu the 1980's version. Very hard to find and get. Extremely popular with people my age. At present I have been watching In Search of the Lost Future, Domestic Girlfriend, Death Note and a few others. I am always looking for new shows. At least the ones I watch or have been watching I found easy to follow.


I recommend Midnight Diner and Samurai Gourmet, on Netflix. They involve everyday situations with adults and the stories are entertaining. You can use English captions.

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