Muy bien, graciás. ¿Y tú?


hola !

me iiamo Hana. y tu?

Ava Dawn

Muy bien gracias.¿ Y tu? Me llamo Aurora.


Hola amigos, yo me llamo Cristian, mucho gusto!


Hola amigos, me llamo Brittany. Muy bien, y tu.  Roger, if you'd like to use the Spanish version of "How are you?" it's formally said as "Como esta su?" If anyone finds my phrasing to be wrong, please feel free to correct it. 


Hola Brittany,

If I may correct you, as you  have requested, the proper formal inquiry is: ¿Como está usted? You can also just ask, ¿Como está? The usted is implied when omitted.



Ava Dawn

Check out the blog that Rocket Spanish is starting. They would assign a topic every week or two and you try to do it in the foreign language that you are learning


Hola Brittany
Just for fun. This is how the machine translators  translate ¿Como esta su?
Like this its?
How is your?
How is life its?

Ava Dawn

I asked my "nietas" to give me sentences to translate.
Audrey said "The black bear is wild".
Siena said "The little baby likes baby food"
I know black as negro and little as pequeño, likes as le gusta and baby as bebé and food as comida.
I then used google translation and here it goes.
El oso negro es salbaje
El pequeño bebé le gusta la comida bebé.
I was surprised to know how little of the vocabulary in Spanish I have. I thought this would be easy. I think I'll do this everyday with my five "nietas". I know this is what I need. Drills and more drills.


I fed Google Translate one of my favorite lines from Saturday Night Live:

I want to feed your fingertips to the wolverines.
Quiero alimentar a su alcance a los glotones.

I know "quiero", "a su" and "a los".  There is still a lot for me to learn.  We just have to keep practicing.


Mauricio's banda se llama Los Lobos Chilenos


Jorge: un poco correción: creo que no hay formo possevio en español.

La banda de Mauricio se llama Los Lobos Chilenos.


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