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La máquina condestadora



Hola a todos, I recently went to a medical clinic where everyone, be they native speakers or not, speak both Spanish and English. My answering machine greeting is in Spanish to thwart unwanted calls and because of that, "la enfermera" Anita, a native speaker, left me a message about my lab tests in Spanish. I had a yikes moment, but I understood it! Today I received a letter (Stamp, Envelope) and the results were written in Spanish. I'm not sure if I should delude myself into thinking I was mistaken for a native speaker or if Anita remembered me and was being helpful and encouraging. In any case, I just love learning Spanish. Saludos, Ricardo


I am a long ways from being confused for a native speaker, and probably never will be. But I have noticed lately that little things, signs or short messages, that once would have completely eluded me, now instantly make sense. Small victories. Getting just a little better every day.

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