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Custom Flashcards - favorites


I just marked one public flashcard set as a favorite and it still does now show up on my list of favorites, at least not immediately. When I back out and reenter, it shows up.


Hi Robert - Yes, this is on the list to be looked at!


I can't actually see any public flashcards. I've set one up to try. Is it just that there are no Italian public sets available? (and I can't see my own?)

Cheers, Drew


Hi Drew - Originally we had the system set up so that the custom FlashCard sets were connected to a Level of a course. So, if you created something in Rocket Italian Level 1 then you would not see that in Level 2. The idea being that more advanced sets would be in the more advanced levels.

We have since changed that so that Public FlashCard sets are viewable in any level. A few other minor bugs have also been resolved.

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