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I am studying Japanese and find this site is brilliant for grammar and word breakdown and enhances learning.

However I also find flashcards extremely useful for individual word and sentence learning. I am hoping the management at Rocket Languages can see this here and possibly get hold of the program.

I also use a BYKI deluxe program by transparent language. I am just wondering if a company like Rocket Languages can purchase the rights to this program or load words and certain useful sentences into this program as flashcards.

The reason I ask this is that in all areas of online language learning there is a lot missing. With the BYKI application program that is free from the internet and can work on any PC platform, you have the ability to make flash cards of your own or download flash cards made by other people from the internet.

The other day I had a Japanese friend create a series of words and lists in this flash card program that was not previously available anywhere and it greatly enhances my language learning of the subject.

I think the BYKI program is excellent for some learning and I would really like to see Rocket Languages get the rights to this program and interface and load some words and lessons into it while still maintaining their online course which is more beneficial.

What are other peoples thoughts on this if you have used the same program?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Tony-S10, 

Thank you for your feedback on this. I have forwarded the comments or our Product Development Team for their consideration. 

Please note though, that you are able to create or import your own Flashcards into our site. When you click on the Flashcards tab and select the option that says 'Create Custom Set', follow the three steps: 
1. Add a title to your set. 
2. Choose if the set will be Private or Public. 
3. Choose if you want to Manually add the words, import from CSV or Import from your Vocab. 
I hope this helps!


Hi Tony - Marie forwarded this onto me. We do have the ability for members to create and share FlashCard sets, as Marie has mentioned in her post. Are there other things that you would like to see in our FlashCard system?


Hi Jason, I'm a new Anki user. Spaced repetition, images, audio. It makes a HUGE difference. 



Hi Drew - With the current FlashCard system you have the ability to toggle the audio on/off.

It is on the list to look at allowing members to add images to cards.

Currently our repetition algorithm works on the the length of the word/phrase (displays shorter ones first) and the rating assigned. So, if a word/phrase has been rated So-so then it will appear again before one rated Easy.


Thanks for the replies. If you up with google "byki deluxe" there is a downloadable program that can be purchased and it is loaded with flash cards complete with audio and pictures. The program is standalone from the internet and can be used on your laptop if you are traveling and do not have wifi available.

Although I find this website is ideal as it teaches grammar and word breakdown and helps teach us sentence construction, I find the program I mentioned above has a very user friendly interface, is heaps easy to use and has a step system to help you learn it.

The flash cards come with several stages 1, is look, 2 is to recognise it where you are shown the reverse side in Japanese and have to write the answer down, stage 3 is to know it where you are shown the card in English and have to write it in English and also the very last section write it in Japanese.

By the looks of it the program is registered in 2009 and I think the company is selling the rights to it or moving on to other things.

If you could take a look at that program and see if this Rocket Language course can get the rights to use it then it would help with lessons ten fold.

I have recently had a native Japanese person use the program and make up custom flash cards for me that include food descriptions, the type of nigiri sushi you can order in Japan among other useful travel words that come up in every day travel.

I would strongly suggest to take a look at it because if Rocket Languages could get a program like that then it would be absolutely brilliant for all of us learning a language.


Hi Tony,

I read a book about flashcard learning recommended by a user of this site and that said that the best way to get benefit from flashcards is to make them yourself. Do you find that's necessary, or do you reckon that it's equally good using existing cards?



I think it is important to make your own flash cards based on what you want to do and learn regarding the language.

I am learning Japanese and I have made my own flash cards with Japanese friends doing the pronunciation of subjects like the various types of nigiri sushi I could order in a Japanese restaurant, flash cards like train stations and memorising the kanji symbols for them that helps getting around Japan and the lesser known obscure words that are not covered by language courses that you know you may need in your international travel.

So far this course has been the best for my independent language learning but it would not have been possible without my background learning the language at high school, dealing with Japanese people at work and also having flash card programs to learn individual words. I think learning is a combination of many things. You need to customise your course as to what you are going to use the language for. 


Hi guys - In case you haven't seen the latest blog post. We have added in the ability to add images to Rocket FlashCards. If a lot of people start using it then we will develop it out further!


Yes !!!


I have tried to create a set of flash cards, but I could only add one word, and I could not see any options displayed to add any more than one.  So I hit the only button available which was create,  when I hit create,  it created a set of cards with only one card in it

I followed the instructions and
I would appreciate any help
Terry Maher


What did you use ?
For manual entry there should be several flashcard bars,
For My Vocab you should be able to press the "Add" Button on every term you have saved



You can add more cards by going to the edit feature . Just click in the pencil icon on the right hand side of the file you created. Below the word you created you should find 3 blank spaces and a + icon.  Enter your new phrase in the blank spaces and press + . Repeat if you want more phrases . Save your work often or you may lose it. 


Hi: I have some trouble importing to a private flash card file. When I try to import 90 entries, the system says an error has occurred an does not create my file.


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