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Points diminish


I cannot see how anyone would abuse the points in the lessons. If the lessons are done correctly and you are honest with your scores you will end up with more points. I never give up until I get all bright green for my scores and I always use the voice record.  Some of the lessons are quite demanding  with regards to correct speech.

The upgrade with all users looks incredibly impossible for some people to achieve the amount of points they get in 24 hours.


Hi Tony - We had a few "educational" users who tried to hack the system a long time ago. Measures have been put in place to prevent that happening any further!


It looks like the website will subtract points that you are not entitled to. Example if you complete a module section you get 25 points. Now when people do revision or try to improve their scores from poor, to good, to easy and you do that section again you get another 25 points. It looks like the website is recognising this discrepancy and deducting points accordingly. "Play it" is one area with voice recognition. You could do that section a dozen times and not be satisfied with your result and keep doing it and keep earning 25 points for completing it. That builds the points tally up which is probably why they are being deducted.

The quickest way to earn points is to do the modules slowly. If you do the hear it say it and then hit the microphone button and say the word you will get 2 points for doing that and another 2 points for a perfect voice recording. 


Grazie tante :)


I receive every week an email with new lessons and motivating stuff. I like it! Thanks! Only by Check your progress last 3 weeks I see - last week you earned 0 points....not very encouraging sins I learn  Italian everyday during last 6 month.. 


Hi Tatjana - Thanks for pointing this out. We are working on a fix!

David K

It seems like an unnecessarily stingy attitude to subtract points for someone who retakes a test or redoes a module to improve their performance.  After all points are for motivation and if someone puts in that much extra work why shouldn't they get more points?

Are we worried about "point inflation?" Like "OMG, so-and-so redid his test and got an extra 100 points! He's throwing off 'the curve' and detracting from the legitimate glory of the rest of us." - Is this what we are trying to say?  It seems funny to me. But if we are going to use a monetary policy metaphor for the points system I would be a Keynesian not a follower of Milton Freedman.

I love games that allow one to acquire points even though I know it is silly, this approach works for me in stimulating motivation. The more points the better I say. 


Hi Tatjana - The weekly "Rocket Fuel" emails should be all sorted now.

Hi David - We aren't subtracting points as such. We had a few issues with a very few users abusing the system, so we had to lock it down a bit more. As part of that we also recently updated the points system code entirely and that showed that we were in fact awarding double points for some aspects with the old system.


After doing a interactive lesson in a few modules and each time i get out of one to go into another my points diminish by 10-20. Is this Normal? it never use to happen but i realised the past few days its been happening a lot.


Rigoletto: It is not normal. The same thing happened to me a few days ago, but just once. I think it is a bug in their system.


There is definitely a points deduction going on. I am cramming lessons in for my upcoming visit to Japan in July and all the points earned from the hear it say it test with voice recognition activated are being deminished once I exit the module. That said I am revising and resetting scores on some occasions just so I know my stuff.


Ok glad i am not the only one. I hope they fix this.
Ci vediamo!

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