Forum "Send us feedback" not working

"Send us feedback" not working



I'm not sure if this is only me, but today I'm not able to send feedback on a specific phrase. I can't focus on the feedback box so can't type in it. I'm on Chrome on a Mac.



I had a similar problem yesterday in a Chinese writing section and I found that by holding down the right mouse button I was able to type  with difficulty using my left hand in the feedback box and did get the message to send.

marieg-rocket languages

Thank you for the feedback and our apologies for the inconvenience; we have gone ahead and reported the issue to our tech support team so it can be reviewed and fixed. 



Thanks Marie.

marieg-rocket languages

Not a problem! The feedback form should be back up now, our IT Team has already fixed this. 



Yes, all working well again, thanks!

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