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what you should add to rocket languages...


I think what you should add to rocket languages is a video clip for each lesson. So it will be more entertaining to learn. For example with Rocket Spanish.... Mauricio and Amy are on the video practicing spanish. They are teaching spanish. Then at the end of the lesson they will speak spanish twice. one without english subtitles one with english subtitles on the second time.


That will be great!!!! also they should add a quiz where you need to hear the word in spanish (or in my case german) and choose the correct answer, so that you can practice while you are listening... Muchas gracias por tu comentario Keyatta, es muy agradable encontrar personas interesadas en hablar el idioma mas hermoso del mundo : ESPAÑOL!!!


Gracias Cristian Montes de Oca!


"De nada Keyatta", "no hay por que", "no hay de que" , "cuando gustes" ( ways of saying "you re welcome" ,"it was nothing", "whenever you wish or need it"). If you translate you are welcome to spanish it will give you something like "Eres bienvenido" or simply "bienvenido" but this is only used in spanish when you welcome someone to your party, your home, country, or anywhere hahaha... "Bienvenidos a Mexico" (Welcome to mexico) so you shouldnt say in a conversation "bienvenido" after someones tells you "gracias" cause it will sound wierd haha. As you can see, spanish has a lot of diffrent ways to say a single word or phrase. Nos vemos pronto Keyatta!!!! mucha suerte ;) y saludos!!!


i agree with adding a quiz using sound clips. also, i think in the quizzes that they currently have, they should take away the links to words you've put in your vocab list. it makes it too obvious which ones it is. if 3 of the answers are in regular font, and then theres one that you've put in your vocab list (and i put pretty much everything i come across in my vocab), obviously the one that you put in your vocab list is the answer.


I think situation videos would be perfect. It helps to see the situation the phrases can be used in.


does anyone know how to add a "shortcut?"


They should definitely add support for actual writing on a tablet with a pen, i.e. Windows Ink or Intuos' pen tablet. Being able to practice writing as opposed to typing on a virtual keyboard would be a big help.


Hi all - Even though this thread started a long time ago... thanks for the ideas! We are investigating adding in video content and whiteboard functionality for scripted languages. However, it's not that straightforward with our existing system.


How about a back button on the flash cards. Sometime I get over enthusiastic and go past one that I really want to check again and it would be nice to be able to go back.


Hi sfpugh - I will pass it by the development team and see how easy or otherwise that is to do.


Add photos along with translations of words so that we don't get in the habit of associating Spanish words to English words, but instead Spanish words directly to the person, place, thing, idea, etc. 


Hi Zachnap - There is a feature to add an image to a phrase in the FlashCards for that exact purpose.


Jason, I am aware of that, but didn't really have much luck getting it to work. I was thinking that they should be in the lessons though. 

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