French movies?


I am a polyglot and I try to learn as much as possible among other practices from movies- and I think it works. It has worked with English, German, Swedish and Russian. However, I am in trouble when searching French-speaking movies. Can you give a hint? Free or for price. does not matter. Mostly I like action, fiction and historical movies. In French I am quite beginner, but eager to learn. 


For example, youtube shows the good film "Les chevaliers du ciel", but he language is far too hard to me. 

toru e

Have you tried searching through It's basically also a video-sharing site, but founded in Paris, so the major French publications tend to use them instead of YouTube. For instance, I've been researching things to do in Marseille for an upcoming trip and I was just greeted by this suggested site. Okay, so it's not a movie channel, but it does give you bite-sized flavors of the language: :)

By the way, I've also been watching the soap opera « Plus belle la vie » which is set in Marseille, and it's really quite preposterous! :D I watch it on TV5 Monde (it's a subscription channel that's the international version of TV5).


This looks great! For example, I found a good historical document about the templars... and dozens of more :)

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