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I'm sorry if this has already been asked, I searched looking for an answer but could not find it. Alas, what are the top French newspapers/news websites? Anything sort of like a french version of Der Spiegel? Thanks.


Salut Christopher, This website has a great list of newspaper from around the world. Check it out! Merci, Marie-Claire


If you find a newspaper which you want to get in print, you can try




Could you pls. advise some good French radio with possibilities to download programs? I found it very useful for my English. Agnieszka


It would be also great to create here a collection of Internet links that can be useful for us.

Pascal-P Great french news site. And you can look on itunes for french news podcasts :p


how do i down load the course onto memory stick so i can take course with me to work


@Tere M, On the pages with the embedded audio lesson in your course, you should see a "Download Audio" link. Simply right-click and select "Save file as.../Download file as..." and select a location to save the mp3 to on your computer. Then just transfer it to your memory stick as you would any other file, and you're good to go! :)


@ Agnieszka You can check It is a good radio station for french learners.


Try Le nouvel Observateur.

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