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French Radio


I found a station on Pandora called 60's French Pop Radio. Been using it while commuting. A fun addition to any learning program. Those pop songs often have a lot of repetition in the lyrics.


<p>Hi Raymond - <a href="" target="_blank">Radio France</a> is also good. <br></p><p><br></p>


That's very helpful - thank you!


Download TuneIn Radio on your iPhone to listen to French news and music!


I live in France and you cannot connect to Pandora if you live here


I listened to Atlantic Radio when I was living in Morocco, much of it was above my level but there were times when i'd surprise myself by how much I could understand! You can listen to some shows here:

I'm trying to find my favourite show from this station, "Disque d'or", which was music and talk, if I come accross it i'll post a link.


I would like to tune into Canadian content on my computer.  I live in British Columbia, Canada, and want to listen to access CBC's French language news and other programming.  However, all I can manage to get is the English programming.  Does anybody in western Canada access French language CBC and can tell me how?


here, perhaps?!

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