French videos


I'd like to watch videos to support my French learning, but I cant find anything useful any suggestions?


Iam very happy with rocket languages .......


<p>Hi Tom - Youtube has a lot of childrens videos in French. It can take a while to trawl through them to find good ones!<br></p>


Bonjour à tous. YouTube videos are great! If you would like something more advanced as well, go visit some of the news websites such as France24 or TF1 and try watching the news reports. Although the French may be quite difficult to understand, many of the report are accompanied by video and images of current events which makes them easier to follow. You will surprised how much you actually understand I'm sure. - Marie-Claire


Bonjour camarades de classe, J'ai vu les dessins animés français sur youtube ainsi. Je dois revenir en arrière et regarder moi-même, comme ils semblaient assez bonne. Vincent


Brilliant recommendations. Thanks for the suggestions!


I love Extra French on Youtube.


I have found this site to be a tremendous resource. If you have an AllianceFrancaise chapter in your area joining it often gives free access to this site. As I am still just starting out, I have found the children's books to be a great help. It will even read them out loud to you as a further assist to training your ear.


French radio is helpful for improving listening skills IF you can get radio from France and not the outside countries. As a novice, I watched French Sesame Street because words are repeated for practice. Also, French movies with subtitles allows you to listen, try and translate and then watch it again without subtitles. Bon chance!


You-tube has music and movies with french subtitles. Just type in french music or video with french subtitles and a list of videos to view will show.


Je pouvais jouer Radio France Internationale sur mon portable depuis un numéro de téléphone. Il y aussi des android apps on peut télécharger pour regarder la télévision, écouter la musique, etc en francais. J'ai trouvé également de nombreuses vidéos en Youtube (des séries, documentaires, publicités)

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