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Hello , I know some basic french and I bought rocket french to continue but I need to know what steps should I take every day , I can spend 30 minutes each day , should I start from begining ?

Here are some guidelines on how to get the most out of your Rocket French course: Rocket French is a beginner's course in three main components: 1) audio lessons, which you listen to; 2) textual lessons, which you read; and 3) learning games, which you play. But all three components have one thing in common: each one of them involves your own active participation. With the audio lessons in the Rocket French Interactive Audio Course, you will add your own voice to the conversations that are the focus of each lesson, both by repeating words to practice your pronunciation, and by saying the correct word or phrase when prompted by your host. These audio lessons come with supplementary written transcripts. With the textual lessons, which focus on the grammar of the French language and view it in its contemporary cultural context, you will walk through the various steps of how to change articles, adjectives, and verbs, how to build more and more complex sentences, and how to write in French. These text-based lessons are illustrated and contain embedded audio clips for new words and phrases. With the software-based learning games, you can test your memorization of French words, sounds, and verb changes through dynamic game-play and receive active feedback in real time. By including all of these components, the course caters to many different learning styles, and you are free to explore the course material in whatever way you'd like. But there are some GUIDELINES that you may want to follow when taking your first steps on the path to understanding and speaking conversational French: STEP ONE: Listen to the first three lessons of the Interactive Audio Course. This is the best way to acquaint yourself with the sound and rhythm of the language, as well as the native speakers Paul and Claire. ( or Eric, Anne and Lauren for More Rocket French) For the first time you listen to these first few lessons, we suggest doing so without the written transcripts, so that the focus remains on listening comprehension. STEP TWO: Go back and listen to the lessons again. This may sound like unwelcome advice, but you will find that you will often have to go back to go forward when learning any new language. The process is incremental, which means you will only be able to take in so much at any given time. But you will notice not only how much more of the material you recognize, but also how much quicker you pick things up the second time around. The second time you listen to the Interactive Audio lessons, you should be comfortable enough to refer to the written transcripts of the conversations. You'll find that your comprehension will skyrocket when you are able to see what the language looks like. Keep in mind, however, that even if you keep the transcript in front of you when you listen, you should always try to THINK of the meaning of what you hear BEFORE you read it (even if that means continually pausing the audio track to give yourself more time for the meaning to appear in your head). STEP THREE: When you have found that you can comfortably listen to the audio lessons, AND participate in them on cue without getting lost or overwhelmed, then it's time to explore the lessons that make up the Rocket French Grammar & Culture Series. These lessons dive deeper into the mechanics of the language, and also reward you with relevant explanations about where, how, why, and when to use the language skills that you have gained. In total, there are 45 lessons in the Grammar & Culture Series, and these correspond closely (but not exactly) to the 31 lessons in the Interactive Audio Course. When you reach the stage where you are confident with the audio lessons, it may be a good time to set yourself a more regimented schedule of progress. For example, you may do one audio lesson plus one grammar lesson each day for a month, or every other day (getting through them in two months). However strict a path you want to follow, always remember the magic word: incremental. That is, if you decide to set one day aside to stuff your head with five lessons, it is very unlikely that you will retain most of what went into it! Also, even when you are well into the course, you can only make things easier when you go back and listen to the lessons over again. You'll hear your own French accent getting sharper each time. STEP FOUR: Get your game on with Rocket French's range of software-based learning games. Even though we've listed this as a possible step four on your fast-track to learning conversational French, you can use these learning games at any time, and especially when you feel like you want a break from sustained listening or reading with regard to the other course material. Because they are so entertaining and easy to use, the MegaFrench games make "motivation" an after-thought. No matter how "competitive" you think you are, you will find these games a welcome challenge, and gain great satisfaction when you see your score improve each time! We do suggest you follow one guideline in structuring your learning: Before playing the MegaVerbs game, it would be best to wait until you have completed the first third or so of the Grammar & Culture lessons. Here's why: there are three types of MegaFrench games: o MegaVocab o MegaAudio o MegaVerbs The first two will allow you to build your vocabulary (MegaVocab) and improve your recognition of spoken French (MegaAudio), and these two games do not require much if any background learning. The MegaVerbs game differs in that it involves the fundamentals of French verb changes. This will be covered in the Grammar & Culture lessons. STEP FIVE: A fifth step in the process of learning conversational French with your Rocket French learning package doesn't necessarily DIRECTLY involve any of the materials included IN the package! But it is still a most essential step: PRACTICE and SHARE what you've learned. We implore you to take what you've learned and practice it in the real world. Whether that means saying the date and time in French whenever you check it yourself, or teaching your dog commands in French, do whatever it takes! There is also a fantastic resource to share thoughts and get answers to any questions that may be stumping you: the Rocket French Leaner's FORUM. This is a virtual helpdesk where you not only get answers and advice from the Rocket French team but also from fellow learners who are often working with the same material you are. Even better, YOU can give answers and advice to them, and that's a great way to reinforce your own knowledge. This is in fact the place you are right now. All the best for your French learning and bon chance!

Hi Natalie, The post you made above is exactly what I'm looking for as far as how to go about things. I initially bought the software last August, but other things got in the way of learning French. Now I'm ready to get down and dirty with it. I've downloaded all 31 files of the Interactive Audio course, plus the six bonus files. I've also downloaded the updated large Rocket French file (rf_pc_v2.01.exe) and installed it. Unfortunately, I am unable to find anything that specifically says "Rocket French Grammar & Culture Series." Is there a link that you can give me, or am I missing something in the other downloads? Also, I liked the newsletters that were being emailed to me, but they stopped at #19. Is that all there were? Thanks for any help you can provide me. Later!! Andy

Hi Andy, the French software download (rf_pc_v2.01.exe) includes the grammar and culture lessons. You should have access to 45 individual lessons that are all combined in the one big installer file. (It said 31 in the top post, but I just corrected that, as there are in fact 45!) The lessons have embedded audio and you can also play the "random audio button" to test yourself on what you have just learned. Currently there are 19 newsletters, but we might add more in the future. I hope you enjoy the course and all the best for your French learning! :D

Thanks Natalie!! That clears it up. :D


Though the date on the post is awhile ago, your steps for getting the most out of the Rocket French program, mentionthe Grammar and Culture lessons. Where are those lessons located as I do not see them in my Premium package? When I go to Your Course, I see the Audio lessons for Stage 1 and Stage 2 but do not see Grammar and Culture.

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