Loire Valley accommodation


Bonjour Next year I am going to France with a group of 10 women - mostly artists. We will be looking for somewhere to stay possibly in the Loire Valley region. Does anyone have any suggestions for accommodation Merci

toru e

For all ten people, or just one or two? If it's just one or two, one of my French tutors rents out a room through airbnb, so you may even be able to arrange lessons while you're at it. :) She lives in Saumur. I'm actually going to this area next month, but I'm staying at Hotel L'Univers in Tours. When I told her about it, she said it wasn't far from her and I can visit, so I know at least these two cities are commutable.


Thanks for the info but yes we need a place for 10 people!


Now need accommodation for ten people in the Rhone alps region. Is not easy specially as we would like single beds!

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