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Countries in French | List of country names in French



Where can I find the list of countries as spoken and written in French here? All I see in my first part of the lesson is the United States - Les Etats Unis


Here are some of the common countries in French:
L'Algérie Algeria
L'Afrique du sud South Africa
L'Angleterre England
L'Allemagne Germany
L'Arabie Saoudite Saudi Arabia
L'Australie Australia
L'Autriche Austria
La Belgique Belgium
Le Brésil Brazil
La Chine China
La Corée du Sud South Korea
Le Danemark Denmark
L'Ecosse Scotland
L'Egypte Egypt
L'Espagne Spain
Le Finlande Finland
La France France
La Grande Bretagne Great Britain
L'Inde India
L'Italie Italy
L'Iraq Iraq
Le Japon Japan
Le Liban Lebanon
La Norvège Norway
La Nouvelle Zélande New Zealand
Le Pays de Galle Norway
Les Pays-Bas Wales
Les Philippines Philippines
La Pologne Poland
La Russie Russia
La Slovénie Slovenia
La Suède Sweden
La Suisse Switzerland


Salut, The Bonus Lesson in your Survival Kit is all about Countries in French. This is Lesson 3 in the Survival Kit. It contains audio and a list of many useful countries in French! Best of luck with the course! :) Marie-Claire


Thank you, all for your kind assistance! Merci beaucoup.


Salut Marie, merci beaucoup pour la lesson. I'm so grateful and i'm learning all that i had forgotten about the language. Abientot.


Thank you for all the reinforcement and exercises available in this course. Your approach is excellent and I am learning more than I ever thought I could. Merci beaucoup!


Bonjour à tous! Je suis heureusse que vous appreciez nos cours et qu'ils vous plaisent! - I am happy that you are enjoying the lessons and the course! À bientôt, - Marie-Claire


I am from L'Inde..


for switzerland La suisse romand the french speaking part of switzerland 45% La suisee allemagne the german speaking Part 30% La suisse italienne the italien speaking part 20% la suisse romanch the romanch speaking part <5% the percentages are approximate of the population

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