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I will be flying into Nice on Wednesday next week for a few days. I have only had the Rocket French for about a month, but I am doing well enough to say who I am and ask for coffee 8) my question is, I would really like to visit some of the Vineyards just North of the city. How far of a drive or bus ride is it and anyone recommend one over another for a first timer? The last time I was in the area, was in 1989 so I am sure a lot has changed or at least my memory isn't that good.

Hi there, I supposed you are already in Nice by now, wow it is one really great place on the coast!I am a little bit jealous... Yes Nice have changed quite a bit since 1989, but it is still beautiful. Did you go to the vineyards? How was it? did you try any good wine? Well I hope you had good holidays! Regards, Claire


Hi Joey I hope you had a great time in Nice. I always enjoy being in that area. Maybe next time you're in France you could visit the area where we have our holiday home. It is in the Pyrenees Atlantique area between Pau and Biarritz. The local tourist office should be able to fix you up with a wine trail which will let you taste a few of our local wines, which are so good they don't get sent abroad. You would need a car however. If you like red there is Madiran and for a sweeter white, Jurancon and of course there is a rose. Many a happy afternoon we've had sitting on the terrace with a slice tarte aux pommes and a nice chilled glass of Jurancon. Good luck with the French and the wine hunt.


Got back a couple of days ago, and all I can say is it was a wonderful trip... Didn't get to do any wine touring (but I drank a few bottles with dinner :) My wife even enjoyed some Rose wine that she really enjoyed... so I bought a bottle to bring home. Brought back a few bottles of different other wines as well. We did do some touring, we went to Cannes during the festival, also over San Remo, Italy for a bit and also Monaco. But most of the time in Nice, we had a wonderful trip and can't wait to continue my French so I can plan another trip. Next time I hope to be able to speak even better.


Sounds like you had a great trip Joey - I'm feeling jealous! Great that you managed to use your French and that you're motivated to keep going with it. A bientot Marie-Claire


We have just rented an apartment in Nice for the month of March next year. So I am highly motivated to renew my French. Will greatly enjoy reading anything about Nice here as the months go by. If any of you will be in Nice next March, I'll be inviting you to join us for at a cafe. Donna


Hi Marie Claire comment ça va? Je suis une Egyptienne . j' apperndre Français depuis 8 ans :)

gary robert

salut joey, J'adore Nice. La cote d'azure! How lucky. I wonder if that beautiful Hotel Negresco is still there? I had tea there one time, a la prochaine fois, gary


I wish i could visit France. If i ever go to France i would like to go to different cities, shops,markets,and restaurants when i am there. I want to go to Paris and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and that would be a great site to see from above. And i would like to buy some french things. And i would like to eat inside a fancy french restaurant. :)


bonjur common ca va.Anyone can teach me french a little bit.Mercee




I have been in France 3 years ago. I would love to visit France again. I have been in Brazil, Italy, Greece, Bruscells and I also visit Costa Malfitana. Everything was beautiful. I love to travel arround. I think it is fascinating.


Je suis allée à Dijon en 2011. J'ai fait un séjour linguistique de 2 mois à l'Université de Bourgogne. Pendant mon séjour j'ai rencontré mes correspondantes françaises à Lyon où nous avons passé une bonne journée ensemble. C'était génial !

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