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Picking modules before trip to Paris?



I'm going to Paris for work for 3 days in a couple of weeks.
I started Module 1 on the 6th Feb and I've just finished Module 2 (all audio lessons and Language & Culture).  I think I could be nearly finished Module 6 by the time I go to Paris if I keep going at this rate. I'm just wondering would I be better to pick modules that I think I'll use e.g. I'll not be flirting, going on a first date or skiing. I hope I won't loose my luggage or have to go to the doctor (but maybe useful to know just in case) but will probably be going out for lunch and dinner. I could then go back over the modules I skipped when I get back.

Does anyone think it would be worth doing that?

toru e

Sure, why not? You may also want to go to a Monoprix (which is everywhere) or another supermarket for the occasional beverage, snacks, or a salad on the go, so you may want to look at the modules on shopping, food and money. Early in the morning, some (if not all) of them have self-checkout, so even if you don't feel confident in your speaking ability, you can still interact in French! :) If a store cashier mentions something about an « abonnement », he/she is asking if you have a loyalty card.

You can also use the tram lesson to help with directions/navigating the Paris métro and buying tickets. They're manned, so you can ask the representative how to get to a particular area, but you buy the ticket from a machine, not the representative. Keep an "ear" out if he/she tells you about a « correspondance »; it's where you would need to transfer and pick up another line.


Great tips, thanks!

I've been a few times before and thought I would just do my usual leave work, get dinner in a restaurant then go back to hotel. 

I don't have any confidence with speaking French which is the main reason why I decided on Rocket French. Think I'll have to get over my fear and force myself to give it a go when I'm over there.


I remember my trip to Paris three years ago.  Like you, my French wasn't great, but as I said when I returned home, I never went hungry.  Because English is well known in Paris, especially in the typical tourist places (the hotel front desk, and the big museums), if you really get stuck somebody will be able to help you out.  I remember the one day when I was hungry and saw a food kiosk.  I went to the counter and in my very best French asked, "Avez vous jambon?"  I know that's not perfect French, but it worked, the person behind the counter understood me, and said, "Oui."  After further interchange, I received a ham sandwich.

Certainly, you'll have lots of opportunity to use the French you know.  In June, I plan a trip to the south of France and will be in places where English will be less known than it is in Paris.  Like you, boz, I look forward to having opportunity to practice what I know.


My wife and I went on a river cruise last October and she speaks fairly good French.  As we walked different cities along the Seine, she would interact with the shop keepers.  I wanted to do the same so now i'm into Rocket French.  In Paris, we found most people very polite (contrary to reports) and using French made it fun.  We are returning to France in the fall, so i hope to use my language studies then. 
I don't know about most you out there, but i have to review all the time as it slips away.  It can be discouraging, but i still work at it.  My goal is to have a basic skill by next fall.  Hope everyone is learning well and enjoying it.


I didn't get anywhere near the amount of modules I thought I would because I didn't have enough of time.

I arrived last night and tried to speak some French everywhere I was but everyone else started speaking English!

This morning the waitress at breakfast didn't understand me when I tried to tell her my room number. It's 800 so not a very hard number to say! I'm not going to tell you the name of my hotel :-)

Tonight I accidentally went into a restaurant where the staff didn't know English so I had to speak French and I think I got on ok.

I'm now in my room watch Person of Interest dubbed in French with French subtitles and I'm really enjoying watching it in French!

toru e

Haha, yes almost all of the primetime TV series are dubbed, like CSI, Big Bang Theory...even South Park!

By the way, if you're hunting for more contemporary French music, there's a channel that has all music videos in the morning (~7h-10h). I usually tune in a few times and then head to FNAC to buy CDs from artists I liked, and also shop for books in French (not sure where you're staying, but the one in Montparnasse is my favorite). :)


Boz, thanks for your report!  I find it interesting how "us" French students are fairing in our France travels.  Keep us in the loop on how you are doing.

BTW, I found an app for my iPhone/Pad called "News in Slow French".   You can download it and listen to segments for free, which last about 3 minutes. There is usually a man and a woman reporting the news with a written dialog.  Some of the difficult words and phrases are hyperlinked to a translation.  For me, it is pretty difficult to follow, but the written English helps.  They do one free broadcast a week, and they list these for most of the past year, so there is plenty to listen to.    It is interesting and pretty cool to listen to.  I hope one day to understand it!!  Listening comprehension is my biggest challenge.
Best to all!


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