Rater v Manquer


In one of the early Rocket French lessons we learned that "Vous ne pouvez pas la rater !" means "You can't miss it." In one of the early Rocket French Premium Plus lessons, it uses "Vous ne pouvez pas la manquer !" for this phrase. Are both correct? Is one preferred? Is there a difference?

toru e

Hi - both rater and manquer will work for missing *places*. That said, rater also implies an error or failure. So, "Vous ne pouvez pas la rater" not only translates as "You can't miss it", but it also has the gist of "You can't mistake it".


Both can be used, for example you can miss (rater) your flight (failed to make your flight) or (manquer) missed your flight. But in reality (manquer) is the one more commonly used, because it is more general. So if you are in doubt use (manquer) instead of (rater). Whoever you will be speaking to anywhere will understand no matter what. Hope it helps. Do not hesitate to ask questions like the above. It was definitely a good one.

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