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recording my voice


When i try to say the words in Japanese ive recently been getting the something over and over again where it says sorry we didn't catch that or whatever. is anyone else having this problem?its been happening more and more recently. it does it on my phone, computer, and iPad. also when it does go through it mishears me a lot. it will add random letters that i didn't say and mark me wrong. is there going to be a update on the recording feature anytime soon?


I've been getting this a lot recently as well. I also get times where the program recognizes I said the correct words but tells me I'm wrong anyway. For example, it asks me to say "North Africa" in Japanese, and after I do so the readout of what it heard will show the kanji for "kita" (north) in red and the katakana for "afurika" in green. It recognizes I'm saying "kita" but tells me that's wrong, when I know that's correct. And then I click the "reveal" button and it confirms that the answer is "kita afurika". It's frustrating. At first I thought it was a hardware issue but like you I tried it on several devices and it's the same problem every time. Hopefully they can get it sorted out soon.


I've also noticed a few times that when a statement has kanji it will show that I was recorded as using the hiragana syllables that make up the kanji rather than the kanji itself. I'm marked incorrect even though the kanji and the hiragana syllables are exactly the same.


Yes, I've been having this problem consistently on the app on both of my Android devices. Something is broken and it makes the voice recognition essentially unusable. It would also be nice if there were any option to record and replay my voice. At least then I could listen to myself even if the app can't seem to properly.


I get it all the time, too.   It's a little bit frustrating.


Hello Everyone, 

We're sorry to hear that you are having issues with recording your voice. We have an update for the app due to be released sometime this week. If you're still having issues recording, please contact us directly so we have your account details. Any screenshots you can send through would also be useful. 

Note that the audio in the new Level 1 Language & Culture lessons have all been tested so they should be working correctly, but if you have any issues, please do let us know!

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