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Salut tout le monde, Je m’appelle Samii. I was wondering if any of you are in New York City and interested in chatting/learning french together. If so, feel free to introduce yourself here and/or send me an email at [email protected]

toru e

Salut Samii. Je vis à New York et Washington DC, mais j'ai déjà fini les trois niveaux de Rocket French. Maintenant, j'étudie avec un précepteur privé pour arriver à un niveau couramment. / Hi Samii. I live in NYC and DC but I have already finished the three levels of Rocket French. Now, I study with a private tutor to get to a fluent level. I do still check the forum from time to time in case there are questions I can answer, so feel free to ask. FWIW, I do find peer practicing a foreign language a slippery slope, except perhaps for practicing pronunciation. If neither is a native speaker, you may untintentionally end up reinforcing bad grammar or structure if it's not corrected. It's not all bad though. I was able to get around Paris and Brussels just on my Rocket French knowledge for two weeks: asked for directions, navigate the metro in Paris (their system maps are organized differently from subway maps, they highlight location, not train number/letter), place orders, check in and out of the hotel, etc.


Hi Toru, Thank you so much for responding. Congrats on completing all three levels, tres bien. How long did it take you to complete it? I have already begun looking into private tutoring here in NYC. As, I would like to start it after completing the first level and before moving onto the second. Thank you for your advice, I completely understand and appreciate your concern with developing unintentional bad grammar, if not practiced with a native speaker. It makes perfect sense. J’adore apprendre le français. I am actually doing quite good role playing with myself and reiterating the words that I can not pronounce clearly with Claire and Paul.

toru e

Hi Samii, it took me about 9 months to complete, but I sped up on the first level (I had gone through Rosetta Stone before, so I knew most of the basics) and slowed down on the last one (the subjunctives are a killer). Role playing is a great way to learn. I also do the "pretend speech" thing where I describe my hobbies, work or whatever. I definitely recommend the tutoring if you have the opportunity. It's perfect for someone self-learning since you'll get feedback on where you're strong and where you need improvement. I'm also getting the nice tips on how French is actually spoken in France. And that itself makes you more confident in engaging in a French conversation. À plus tard!


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