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The New Rocket French Travelogue


I bought the new French Travelogue and it looks very interesting; I'm going to like it.  There's just one problem.  It can be Read in: French and English, French, or English.  Unfortunately, only the French and English option works.  I've tried it with both Explorer and Chrome with the same results.  It seems this needs tidying-up.

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I'm using Firefox on a mac and it's toggling for me, but it only switches the descriptive text/paragraphs, like the «Bienvenue dans les leçons "Rocket French Travelogue"...».

The "soundbite" audio/recording snippets of conversation don't change. They always have the English translation underneath.


The toggle works to give me the text of the paragraphs in French and English, French only, or English only, but the audio for them stays in English.  I wouldn't expect the conversations to be other than French.  However, I expected the toggles to not only give the descriptive paragraphs in the desired language but have the audio to match the language of the paragraphs.

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