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Moroccan French?

I am visiting Morocco next month, I have been before but had almost no french, and got by with sign language and smiles. Since then i have studied some french, but am still only a beginner.. i am not ready to tackle arabic (one language at a time!) so i w...

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8 replies - Last post by Deborah-S38 - July 12, 2013

Popularity of English in France

How popular is English among the common masses in France ? Can a person stay in France without knowing or learning any french ? How difficult would it be ? Can one normally locate English speaking person while walking down the street or sitting in a rest...

1 reply - Last post by Diana-S1 - July 9, 2013

Convert Names?

When giving your name, do you translate it to French? Should I say April or Avril?

3 replies - Last post by gary robert - May 7, 2013

mettre le couvert vs. mettre la table

On 5.9, Food and Wine, part 1 where Hélène was asked to set the table. The phrase was mettre le couvert but not mettre la table. Why? Pourquoi?

3 replies - Last post by Miroslaw-S2 - February 25, 2013

Recording My Voice

I have just begun using Rocket French. When I go to record my voice, and the pop-up window appears, my cursor cannot select the "allow" button. I have updated adobe flash, and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions? Merci...

3 replies - Last post by Todd-B14 - February 16, 2013

french culture and travel

as i have learnt before when greeting in french u have to shake the hands of each and every one ur greeting but what if am just asking for direction am i supposed to shake the hands of who ever am inquiring from or do i have shake it if they forward it first

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - February 3, 2013

Nice France

I will be flying into Nice on Wednesday next week for a few days. I have only had the Rocket French for about a month, but I am doing well enough to say who I am and ask for coffee 8) my question is, I would really like to visit some of the Vineyards ju...

12 replies - Last post by Stellabelle - January 29, 2013

Celui ci ist des meilleurs endroits aux France ?

well we think so. It is a very friendly part of France . Not too many tourists and so much history. Le chambon sur Lignon Le lac de Devesset Le Puy en Velay Tres bon!

0 replies - Last post by le-clochard - January 7, 2013

Paris in the Spring

I will be traveling to Paris this Spring for the first a woman alone. I am looking for guidance regarding which month would be best, ie. least crowds v. enough daylight for evening walking. I need a safe, economical one month rental in cent...

4 replies - Last post by Diana-S1 - January 2, 2013

Countries in French | List of country names in French

Where can I find the list of countries as spoken and written in French here? All I see in my first part of the lesson is the United States - Les Etats Unis

8 replies - Last post by le-clochard - December 27, 2012

que est fèminins de mince ?

que est fèminins de mince ?

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - October 26, 2012

Tour de Mount Blanc

We went to hike the Tour de Mount Blanc in July. Absolutely fantastic. Took us 10 days. Didn't know a word of French. Started in Chaminox, then through Italy and Switzerland. Then back to finish at Chaminox. What a beautiful place. We were so taken b...

8 replies - Last post by Mary-e3 - October 22, 2012

advanced French audio

Hi How do I order the advanced French audio course? Thx

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How different is the canadian accent from the french accent? Is it like british English and american English?

8 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - September 23, 2012

J'amerais versus je voudrais

Decades ago, when I lived in Geneva, I asked for things starting with j'amerais (excuse any spelling issues--I am mostly learning French to speak it.) Can someone explain any nuances between those two ways of asking for something? My guess is that my pr...

2 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - September 23, 2012

answering questions

i need to do some exercise

0 replies - Last post by sophia-N - September 22, 2012

Recording my voice

I'm using a mac with a mouse and os x lion. I can use the record and playback but cannot invoke the settings window by clicking in the record area. Is this feature compatible with mac or do I have to agree for every use?

1 reply - Last post by Rocket-Languages - September 5, 2012

Paris in August.

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Judy. My husband and I are going to Paris in August. I have taken French since middle school. I quizzed myself to see how much I remembered with your software. My vocabulary wasn't too shabby. Mais, mes verbs... Zut! So, I a...

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which adjectives take etre? and which adjectives take avoir? How we can understand the rule of the adjective ? Merci

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - July 13, 2012

Language Schools in Nice or Nantes??

I am looking for recommendations for a good inexpensive school to learn French in Nice or Nantes. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - January 30, 2012

Afrique du Sud

Bonjour tout le monde! Je suis originaire de l'Afrique du Sud. J'habite à Pretoria. Parfois, je Voyage en France pour travailler. Je me rends compte qu'il ya beaucoup de personnes de pays d'Afrique qui parle le français en raison de l'historique des col...

7 replies - Last post by mahdi-- - January 25, 2012

Une americaine qui veux bouge en france

Salut! Je suis un citoyen americaine d'origine haïtienne. Mon copain est français et il vit en france et je veux bouger a la france mais il est difficile. J'ai envoyé mon CV à des entreprises en france et j'ai appliqué à l'emploi sur l'internet, mais ...

1 reply - Last post by FEYROUZ-- - September 24, 2011

Best Coffee in Paris?

Salut I was looking through some pics from our Paris trip last year and came across some photos that prompted me to write this post! Not far from where we were staying I stumbled across LapeyRonie cafe ( 9 rue Brantôme in the Mar...

1 reply - Last post by jgnome-p - July 5, 2011

je me souviens

salut tout le monde. I am just wondering what je me souviens means on the license plates that come from Quebec. as I see them come down interstate 95 going to Florida. Does it mean "i remember? and if so, what is it that they remember? Just curious....

2 replies - Last post by jgnome-p - July 5, 2011

learning french

Hello , I know some basic french and I bought rocket french to continue but I need to know what steps should I take every day , I can spend 30 minutes each day , should I start from begining ?

5 replies - Last post by Philip-S - June 25, 2011

Algerian French?

what are some differences between Algerian French and France's French?

8 replies - Last post by nun-- - June 22, 2011

Bilingual Belgium

Hate to see an empty Board so I'll introduce myself here! I live near London, England and visit France and Belgium regularly on day visits (car ferry or train sous La Manche). I've started the Rocket French course to improve from my current fairly pidgin...

8 replies - Last post by Oby-I - February 9, 2011


Bonjour! Je m'appelle Laura. Je suis une americaine qui habite à Zurich. Mes enfants sont élèves à Lycée Français Zurich si c'est très important que je parle Français tous les jours.

5 replies - Last post by Narissa-A - December 19, 2010

Extra vocabulary

I found that extra vocabulary is a good help. I have started 10.0 Ton Week End and the extra is not there. I hope it will be in a short future. Regards

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - September 14, 2010

At the Vets!

I realize that this site isn't for free translation but I was wondering if you could correct the following please? Basically I want to phone the vets to book my dog in for the usual treatment to travel back on the ferry. " Bonjour, Je voudrais arran...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - December 14, 2009

Une Ville Française

Hello, well in a couple of years I will be going to live in Marseille, France and I would like to know more about this lovely French city

1 reply - Last post by Matumic - April 1, 2009

Medium Dry Wine - Lesson 4.4

In Audio Lesson 4.4 they talk about medium dry wine - Un verre de vin blanc ?? sec. It sounds like 'me sec'. Is this demi sec - If so do you not pronounce the 'de' or do you pronounce it so quickly that it merges into the 'me' sound. I have also notice...

1 reply - Last post by Sandra - September 20, 2008

Travelling on the "Glacier Express"

Bonjour tout le monde! I grew up in Switzerland. Now I live in Australia. In my travels I have travelled the Rhine and Rhone valley several times. One of the best experiences is to travel the area onboard the "Glacier Express". This takes n...

3 replies - Last post by le-clochard - October 7, 2008


When I do the Learning Companion lesson, it shows all these little words and phrases and then have the definiton. but i know how to pronounce it, but then when i do it, it says it in a differnt way, so each time i say it im always off a little bit, how do...

1 reply - Last post by undeuxtrois4 - May 3, 2008

Vacation in France

My husband and I will be taking our vacation in France, the last 2 weeks of June. We will be staying near Ansouis in the Luberon area. I am very excited! If anyone has any ideas of things to do or see, please let me know. I am practicing my french for...

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Salut! I am 15 years old, my name is Jared Hattingh. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but moved to Austin, Texas 5 years ago. I have met a friend here from France... He goes back to France in Le Lavandou in the Mediterranean every summer for 1 m...

1 reply - Last post by (deleted) - October 12, 2007

Tour de France

Does anyone know when the Tour de France is on? I will travel to France this year and would love to see a bit of the tour if possible. Also, where is the best place to watch the tour?

1 reply - Last post by (deleted) - March 22, 2007

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