Flashcards with no audio?


A feature request unless I do not know if it exist and just have not enabled it. The flashcards would be more valuable if we can hear the audio of our target language we are learning. This will help us with saying it and hearing it.


Hi Luis - It's already on the list!


I just discovered the flashcards and expect to use them a lot.  I agree the audio would be very helpful and look forward to seeing (hearing) it.


From; Bill  December 8, 2016
Yes the sound feature, which was in one of my lessons, but since became disabled, think it was very basic vocabulary, was great. To be able to "edit" "transpose" or create an "audio Flash Card"
with repetitions, eliminating the English, from the audio chapters, so I could take them in my car, hear the pronunciations and repeat them over and over, would be great. are we getting there soon?


Hi Bill - What course are you using? There is a settings link at the top right of the FlashCards that allows you to mute/unmute the audio, and change what is shown to you on the cards first.

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