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Merci...RocketFrench made my trip PARFAIT!



I posted before my trip to Nice/Paris in France in September but I wanted to follow up and thank you for a great trip! The experience would not have been with same without RocketFrench! I completed the first 2 levels before the trip. This course absolutely works and I learned French so very quickly and easily, it was almost magic. We found the people of Nice and Paris to be the most helpful and friendly of anywhere I've ever visited. Any rumors to the contrary are simply untrue! Of course, the experience was 100 times better because RocketFrench made me confident! I spoke French to almost everyone and was easily understood. I also was able to comprehend the majority/main idea of what was being said when people spoke to me in French. I was quickly able to navigate any situation that crossed our path and translated for the others along on the trip. RocketFrench presented very realistic scenarios and the lessons are just the right size so that students can turn those minutes of "downtime" into FRENCH TIME! Speaking the local language really makes all the difference! The locals were so pleasantly surprised to find an American who could communicate in French that they really opened up to us and gave us gifts/free products, told us the best places to visit, eat, buy souvenirs, or take a great picture. I encourage all RocketFrench students to work through each lesson with all the notes and extra vocab. It pays off!! TIP: Go back and listen to past lessons again until you can say and understand it all almost without thinking. Then when you get to France, you'll be ready to go. I am ready to return to France again soon and I'll be working through the other RocketFrench levels then repeating everything again for practice. Merci mille fois!! --Max


Salut Max! Je suis hyper contente que ton séjour en France s'est très bien passé et que nos cours de français t'ont aidé à t'en sortir bien! Super! These are the kinds of comments we dream of when we creates our courses for people and we are so glad you have found them so useful! À bientôt, - Marie-Claire

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