The session 'Where am I?'


This lesson does does not include "Where am I?". Is it simply "Où suis je?"

toru e

There's a trait d'union in the inversion, but yes, that would be the translation: «Où suis-je ?». If I were to ask in the context of asking for directions/location though, I would go with «Où sommes-nous ?» instead (I think it sounds more friendly and non-threatening):

Bonjour, monsieur/madame ! Où sommes-nous ? Comment s'appelle ce quartier ? C'est vraiment charmant !


Merveilleux ! Merci beaucoup !


Merci Torusan, another example of "vraiment" instead of très charmant ! I haven't gotten to the French tic yet but at least recognizing one when I see it. 

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