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Ton père nous y conduira en voiture



There is a feature through out the lessons, which could help me immensely.  Currently the words Ton, Vous ... are rendered blue indicating a hint.  If one click on them the hint explains the usage of Tu versus Vous, which is trivial.  What is not trivial at all, for me, is remembering various tenses of irregular verbs.  Would it be possible to hint all irregular words:
say in a sentence J'allais ... clicking on allais would give me Tu allait, Nous allions ... etc.?


Salut VitN !

Thank you very much for your feedback! I will pass your suggestion on to the French team.

As for the hints for the different forms of "you," once you've gotten the hang of tu vs. vous, it may seem as though the hints are no longer useful. However, they are kept throughout the course because they also let you know which type of "you" is required in the Reinforcement Activities. In that way, we hope that they help avoid any confusion.

Merci encore, et bonne journée !


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