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5.1 Buying a bottle of wine souhaitez-vous vs voulez-vous translation



Souhaitez-vous goûter un autre vin ?
Would you like to try another wine?

Voulez-vous goûter un autre fromage ?
Would you like to try a different cheese

I would have translated the first as is but for voulez-vous I would have translated Do you want to try a different cheese or another cheese. Am I too literal? 
toru e

toru e

I agree, "other" would be more precise. 

In those examples, I also would have used "to sample" or "to taste" as the translation for goûter, it connotes more of the "savoring" aspect of the verb. To try is just essayer.



I wasn't clear about my question: How could Souhaitez-vous and Voulez-vous both be translated as "would you like to". Hence the self doubt of "Am I too literal?"

Souhaiter is to wish while vouloir is to want yet both were translated as "would you like to..." Yes, goûter is to sample or to taste but I was so focused on how the questions were translated that I forgot about that verb translation all together. 

To be polite shouldn't it be "Voudriez-vous goûter ..."?

In my experience in buying clothes most sales personnel would ask, " Do you want to try those on or would you like to try those on? In grocery stores where they sometimes give out samples they usually ask, "Would you like to try..." rather than taste or sample.  
toru e

toru e

Ah, okay, you're right. I'd also translate those two as follows:

Souhaitez-vous - Do you wish...
Voulez-vous - Do you want...

Both are inversions, so the formality is built into the structure.

And you're absolutely correct, to be even more polite and formal, it's Voudriez-vous goûter ... I think this is more of a "greeting heads of state or the queen" thing though.


torusan, Thanks for clarifying my clarification to my questions. Now I know I am not being too literal; my daughter has another name for me not fit for printing. 

As to Voudriez-vous I can erase that from my memory because there is zero chance that I will use it. I will however stick with Je voudrais... My early education through grade 12 was in a girls school where manner was paramount. I always start my sentence with I would like... or would you please... Old habits die hard.  

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