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“Besoin” pronunciation


A very quick question - In lesson 1.4 Ordering things in French we are taught the us of “J’ai besoin de..”.  My query is that Paul and Claire pronounce the “e” in  besoin differently. Paul pronounces it as “eh” whereas Claire pronounces it as “uh” or “er”.

I believe Paul is more correct, but wondered is Claire’s pronunciation more a regional dialect thing? It’s enough of a difference to my ears to prompt me to ask!  Merci!


Bonjour VonJ,

Claire is correct. It is not that Paul in incorrect exactly, but rather that he has a slight accent which is why his 'e' in 'besoin' is higher in the palette than normal for French people. Accents are common and just part of getting used to the sound. You will find a variety of different pronunciations around France and beyond as well.

I hope this helps.

   -   Marie-Clair


Merci beaucoup Marie-Clair! That does indeed help me understand the difference.

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