carafe d'eau



If I were to ask to fill up my sport water jug, would I ask

Puis je remplir ma carafe de l'eau?

or would that be asking to fill up a glass water pitcher??

Is there another word for the types of water jugs you carry when you're running, etc?

Thank you!

toru e

toru e

You would just say « une bouteille d'eau » (note: une carafe de l'eau would mean that the carafe is made of water).

Also, using «Puis-je» is very formal (mostly used in writing). I would just ask: «Est-ce que je peux remplir ma bouteille d'eau ?». It's still polite because of the est-ce que structure, but more conversational.


You are so helpful!  Thank you!


In fact we call these sport or hiking water jugs "gourde" .

A "bouteille" is just exactly a bottle, and a "carafe" a carafe (actually I didn't know the word existed in English).

So you'd say:
- Est-ce que je peux remplir ma gourde ? (If you don't specify people will assume water, otherwise add "ma gourde d'eau").

Also, torusan's answer was quite good, but "une carafe de l'eau" does not have any meaning, it's not correct French. A carafe made of water, in some parallel world, would be "une carafe en eau".

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