French flash cards.


Bon jour...  I'm trying to find a set of French flash cards to carry with me.  Are there any suggestions on which is the best, I see a few different types. 

Merci Beaucoup.


toru e

Have you thought about building your own set? I think it's more useful because they're words that would be personally significant for you. For instance, when you add words to "My Vocab", you can add them to your flashcard set too. When I read a book in French, I add the words and expressions I had to look up and my vocabulary has become very broad and also precise as a result (I'm currently at C1, working on C2 level now).

When I started learning Japanese, I downloaded premade flashcard sets, and a lot of them were not relevant to me and I ended up deleting them. I think that when you have words in isolation, they don't really do anything to help you use them in context. My two cents.


Merci beaucoup pour l'information, elle est appréciée.


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