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In listing vocabulary words, many times rocket french does not list a preceding article which as you say is part of the noun.  Since gender is so important, why list the noun with no gender associated with it. is Ananas mas or fem. Is Lunettes mas or fem., etc... How ar ewe to learn the correct gender for the nouns you are trying to teach us?


I agree.  It's frustrating to try learning the meanings of those nouns without knowing how to use them.  The definite articles need to be included with the nouns.

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My first French teacher had a better practice of using indefinite articles instead of definite articles. This avoided the troublesome l-apostrophe (l') issues.

Ex: l'arbre vs. un arbre [-e endings are usually feminine, like (la) soupe or (la) plante, but l'arbre is masculine]

But I agree with everyone, we should be conditioned to think of nouns in their "paired" state from the beginning.


I agree.  I just contacted Rocket because I think that the course is missing a vital piece without including the article.  If they can update this issue, it will improve the course.


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Thank you very much for discussing this, this is a comment I have seen more and more of, so I am going to send it along to our team and see if we can't get this incorporated into our course.

Merci bcp!


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