Une fiche/feuille de paye


In Lesson 11.4, the bank manager asks for a pay stub -- une fiche de paye  in the Interactive Audio, but une feuille de paye in the Conversation Transcript.  In the Rocket Review, a pay slip translates to une fiche de paye.  The dictionary translation for a pay stub (or pay slip) is une fiche de paie or une feuille de paie.

In this context, is there a slight difference between when to use feuille or fiche; how does one know which one to use?

Also, what's the difference between paye and paie.  A dictionary search on paye, gives no definition; it simply refers the reader to paie.


Bonjour Diane,

Let's start with the difference between 'paye' and 'paie'. To be honest, there is very little difference between the two, except for maybe a slight difference in pronunciation, yet both are widely accepted. Sometimes it may be viewed as a regional difference based on variations in pronunciation, but essentially there is no difference.

As for 'une fiche de paie' and 'une feuille de paie', again there is no difference. Both are used interchangeably, although I have a preference for 'une fiche de paye'. You will definitely hear both flying around though, so it is a good idea to become familiar them.

I hope this helps,

   -   Marie-Claire

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