word distinction


Please, what is the difference between "tous" and "tout"? Don't they both mean "all"?

Thank you.

toru e

Hi there. Yes, they both mean "all" but they also need to agree with the gender and quantity of the noun. Tout (m)/toute(f) would be singular, while tous (m. pl.)/toutes (f. pl) would be plural.

Tout le monde va à la plage ce weekend. - Everyone ("all the world") is going to the beach this weekend.

Il est là toute la semaine  parce qu'il est en vacances. He's there all week (the entire week) because he's on vacation.

Il passe tous les matins à McDo parce qu'il n'a pas de travail. - He's at McDonalds every morning ("all mornings") because he doesn't have a job/work.

Toutes les femmes en France parlent français (bien sûr !). - All the women in France speak French (of course!).

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