Forum can I download the flashcards so that I can rapidly access them on my phone

can I download the flashcards so that I can rapidly access them on my phone


Can I download the flashcards so that I can rapidly access them on my phone?


Yes you can, it just takes some knowledge and ease with technology which I do not have. I hope this helps.


Hi Scout - At this stage you can't access the Flashcards via the app. It is part of our Q3 project to get the FlashCards working within the Android/iOS apps.


pls let us know when it s ready! thanks a lot




Hi John-O3, thank you for your post.  I have checked your account, and can confirm that you have access to all 3 levels of the course.  Just look for the Premium Plus and Platinum tabs across the top of your members area.  If you continue to have trouble, I recommend emailing the Customer Support team directly, using the Contract form on our Help page.
I hope that helps!


are we getting any closer on the q3 project for flashcard download?


Hi Scout - Oops! My apologies. We have had a few technical hurdles to overcome on other parts of the apps, which has pushed us back considerably. At this stage it won't be happening before the end of the year but it is on the hit-list for early next year.

We are rolling out an update today to the desktop version of the FlashCards, whereby members can import via csv, etc.


Wait, so after today I can download the flashcards to my desktop? If I can download them to my desktop, wouldn't that mean I can also import them from my desktop to my android?


Hi Kev - Sorry, I should have been more detailed in my comment. After todays release, members will have the ability to import (via csv, etc) their own FlashCard sets into their members area. Right now members can create their own sets manually, but this will be a much faster way of getting vocab that you wish to study into FlashCard format.

David K

This sounds great Jason.  Are there instructions somewhere?  I seemed to have missed this long-awaited rollout.

I love the flashcards.  They are my favorite way of learning.  I've entered about 800 cards into about 8 different sets by hand for the Chinese course.  I felt I needed more help with vocabulary and the Hanzi characters to get past module 2.  So I've created the 200 most common Chinese Radicals in Parts 1 and 2.  The 555 words I've been working on in Modules 1 and 2 and made them all public. 

I've started creating in private sets until complete and checked the 150 vocabulary words most often used in the HSK Level 1 test, and the 300 Chinese  Words the PRC Mininstry of Education suggests foreign students learn first.  The effort became so tedious I decided to wait for this CSV import capability you and Robert have been talking about.  I have them on several other systems.  I also have found many "Most frequent" lists. Like the 100, 200, 300, 500, 1,000, 2,000 most frequently used German, Spanish, and Chinise words which students here might find useful.

My understanding after googling is that the CSV standard uses one line per card with the words seperated by commas.

Since the Chinese section has Hanzi, Pinyin, and English, as well as a space for audio I pressume if I create an external text file with the Hanzi first, then a " , " followed by the Pinyin, comma and then the English, I can just import the file?

No one has responded to my several quesions elsewhere about whether you have any way for us to use any of the Rocket Language courses audio - record function to create the fourth column entries for audio.  I've found I can import Lin Pin's audio if I import it from my vocab or copy the address from one of her pre-existing flashcards.  However, I have found no way to create new audios.

If I have not used up all of my "rationed suggestion quotas" perhaps I could suggest that we have a place somewhere, perhaps in the forum that for really useful files of imported vocab lists that we could request that you consider making them "official" and have some of your native speakers add the audios?   (I just want to make sure your developement teams do not run out of things to do.  :-)

David K

I see that the csv import capability has been added to custom flashcards.
This is great.  All of the examples have quotation marks around each entry.  Are the quotation marks for proper grammar in the example, or are they required around every single word or phrase in the csv input box? 


Hi David - Sorry about the delay in responding.

You cannot use the course audio with the import function. You can use it if you create a set via My Vocab, if the entry has audio associated with it.

It is quite likely that popular FlashCard sets (whether created by us or members) will have audio added at some stage.

With regards quotation marks: it depends on your system and the software you are using. Perhaps experiment with some "Private" FlashCard sets and see what happens!


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