Forum leaderboard not up to date

leaderboard not up to date


Not that it is very important to me, but recently I cannot find my scores in the leaderboard at all. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Some time back, the leader board showed where you were ranked regardless of whether or not you were in the top ten. Now it just shows the top ten scores in each of the different views.

Does your point total indicate that you should be in the top ten and your name doesn't appear there?


My name should appear in Rocket French if my total is higher than a couple of others in the top ten ranking, I suppose. Well, it didn't yesterday nor today, even though there were about five with less points than I had.
At the same time my points seem to be going up and down again. What is going on???


I think I read a post by Jason to the effect that they were reworking the leaderboard. Perhaps that has messed up the leaderboard. I notice my point total decreased when I left the lesson I was working on this morning to come here. So this whole points/leaderboard system is in flux. As you say, it is the learning, not the points or position that matter, but it still does matter just a little bit, doesn't it!

Steven: I see you have worked your way into 2nd place now on the Spanish board. ¡Felicitaciones!


Yeah, I'm still awaiting that congratulatory phone call from President Obama. He's probably distracted with less important matters.

Not too shabby yourself there, Dan. If you take out those who are no longer active, you would be in the #2 slot.


Steven: The President is on his way to Cuba at the moment, so hopefully he will send you a cigar and bottle of rum as a reward for your hard work.


Hey, I knew there had to be a reason! I will definitely scarf up that cigar and bottle of rum. :-)


I did check the leaderboard yesterday March 21 to see where I was that day.  I had amassed over 1000 points but my name was not displayed.  People who had significantly less that 1000 points were displayed however.  Strange but true.


@Karen-B1 - this is exactly what happened to me.

Would be nice if the Rocket folks themselves could respond... Anyway I think they'd better turn off the leaderboard as long as they are not able to fix this. 
(I expect they will probably come up with the usual sorry's, while telling us that they are working on it. - Are they really?)

Alexander Petsch

I feel that the rocket team is trying their best.  However they haven't been very open about what's going on.  It seems like it is more than a simple update because the point and leaderboard errors have been going on for sometime now.

And yeah, they should disable the leaderboard until it is fixed.  If it doesn't work, why have it?


I was thinking that the leaderboard issue might have something to do with time differences from around the world....... but from reading this conversation maybe that isn't it at all

Alexander Petsch

carlascorner:  Yeah, there are some issues due to time zones.  I live in the rather far flung Hawaii zone, meaning that even if I log in at 8:30 AM, the people in the leaderboard have already scored more then a thousand points.  This makes it nearly impossible for me to get on the leaderboard.  This is a small, but annoying problem that I don't see any way of fixing.


But surely then you are earning points while they are out partying or in bed?

I'm in the UK and this morning at around 9am half of my points went to yesterday and half to today! Learning German is bad enough without coping with the nuances of time travel! 


the leaderboard had never made any sense to me from the get go.  the scores did not seem to matter as if it was scored by a person inside the computer. if s/he is in a good mood with your name you get to be on the leaderboard. 

in another thread i voiced my opinion that to some people the scoreboard/scores [scores mysteriously went down instead of going up] was a motivational tool; that was months ago and i'm just visiting today and found that it is still an issue. 

sorry about the lower case. typing with one hand is not as easy as one might think. i hate to use caps lock


Hi all - Sorry for the late response on this. Just to update the situation with the leaderboard/points system; we are pretty much throwing away the old system and starting from scratch with a far more robust version (pretty much like we have done with the rest of the members area functionality already). All of your current points/badges will be kept.

We hope to have the new version up in 4 weeks time, give or take a little depending on the results of testing.


Glad to hear this.


The leader board and points system is a total lie. I am often seeing several hundred points being diminished despite doing hard work on modules all day and even resetting scores on old modules to complete again for revision.

What is the point of even having it if it deducts points. Why not just get rid of it entirely and focus on the learning.

The longest active streak leader board would be a better option than the thing here now.

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