Forum Points that expire?

Points that expire?


Yes, this does sound like airline miles which I hated when they introduced that rule.

Implementing such a system would however better reflect who is actively moving forward with their language learning. If participation in the forum is any indication of activity, it seems that a number of those at the top of the leader board have moved on to other things.

Apologies if this is overkill on the subject. The objective of course is to optimize a system which best motivates all of us to learn.


Ha ha. When I read the title of this post airline miles popped into my head too!

I guess I don't see a reason for points to expire. If people stop studying and participating in the forum they stop earning points and those that continue working will eventually catch up with them.

And, there is always the hope that some will come back to their language studies.

On the subject of points however, I'm still not sure it is working properly. The other day I completed a quiz and watched my score zoom up. When I left the quiz and went somewhere else on the site I swear I saw my points decrease. 


How do the points expire? All I am worried about is keeping my active streak going.


Hi Tony - Points don't expire!

Hi Steven/Dan - It's an interesting idea but may be better served by having more filtering options when looking at the Leaderboard e.g. 2016 Leaders. The points/badges/leaderboard system is the next thing we are looking at!


Good idea, Jason. And congrats for the great job you all have done with continuing to improve the course over the years.

Alexander Petsch

Yeah.  That seems to make more sense in my opinion.  Probalbly not as hard to implement.


I agree with you others, but it does seem kinda weird that points just disappear while I'm changing between lessons and the other functions of this website. Is that just caused by it being worked on back at base?, because I earned at least 900 points last week, but in the email that I got from my Spanish teacher, Mauricio, says that I had earned 0 points last week. Has anyone else had this sort of problem?


Hi Brittany - There is a bit of a synching issue at the moment, this should be sorted when we upgrade the points system.
As far as the emails go, please check that the email address that the Rocket Fuel email is being sent to is the same as your login email. If they are different then that is the likely cause. Either way please email customer support about it and we will sort it.

Alexander Petsch

Brittany-  this is a common problem.


The point to me look like there is a deduction when there is a double issue of points that you are not entitled to. Example when I do the "play it" section and have automatic voice recognition on I could earn 10 points for each section and 25 points for completing all levels. Now being a perfectionist I will score myself honestly and keep doing it until I rate all parts as "easy" this normally keeps reissuing you with another 25 points for completing the section then when you exit the points are reset to represent what you are entitled to.

Just last week I reset all my scores in one area and did all the tests and lessons again from scratch for revision to prepare for my upcoming trip to Japan. By doing this and rushing through the lessons faster than before by knowing most of it already the points shot up sky high.


Why no points for writing lessons! Sometimes they take me more time than other types of lessons!


Hi nruff1 - Thanks for pointing this out. It looks like something has gone awry with the Japanese Writing lessons. I will look into it!

David K

I agree with Jason.  Points should not expire. People come back. Also, it's helpful to have historical reference points.  Jason's strategy of providing different filters is great and I think already implemented as I see filters for 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, year, and forever.  Which is good.

I don't see how one can scroll down past the top 10.  We should be able to scroll all the way down to whereever we are starting.  It is fun and tremendously motivating for people like me to see out names rising over time.

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