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A useful supplement to Rocket German



What else to study while doing Rocket German?
Deutche Welle has a series call Nicos Weg, It is suitable for use with mobiles, tablets and PCs.
There are 4 levels but  A1, A2 and B1 are useful for Rocket German.
Each level has many lessons with the emphasis on german comprehension but there is also grammar practice.

They could be used in various ways, but a good way is to do them after completing a level, so A1 after level 1 etc.
I did B1 after completing level 3 and found it challenging, but by taking it slowly and some use of a dictionary, I could get good scores. I have started on the A2 course and I wish I had done it earlier as there is plenty that I find useful.

All the instructions are in German which is a bit tough at A1 as the instructions are harder than the tests, but Google translate can help.


Trying this out.  One thing that is challenging but good is the speed with which the speakers speak which is more like that actual speed of the language in normal conversation.  You get a bit spoiled by how slow the speakers speak in Rocket German.


I have done all 3 levels of Nicos Weg now and I think it is really useful. Not only is there plenty of comprehension practice but there is also a lot of useful grammar instruction and practice. I think levels 1 and 2 are most directly relevant to the rocket course. Level 3 is much more difficult and is very much aimed at people who will make their home in Germany.

I found that it is possible to change the language of all the instructions to English by clicking on the little horizontal lines at the right of the blue bar at the top of the screen and selecting language. This is certainly a good thing to do at level one as the instructions are far more difficult that the actual lessons.

The only downside is that sometimes at certain times of day the videos will not play without frequent stops and starts to the point where they unusable.

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