Any good German TV Shows?


I'm looking for interesting German TV shows, and NOT soaps. I don't mean the news, and I don't mean good American TV shows that are dubbed into German. I mean high quality German TV that's entertaining and will keep me engaged. The only thing I have been able to find is Tatort, but I'm also really tired of the CSI genre, so any good dramas/comedies is what I'm looking for.


Hi there, I could have a look for you but first I would like to know if are you in Germany and able to watch German TV? Liebe Grüße Paul


I have been using Google Chrome as my WEB Browser. Within this, you can add, for free, Chrome TV. There is a pull down menu listing all the languages available, and under GERMAN, there are over 50 listings, from News to shows, all sourced from various German cities. The best part is that is is all FREE.


thanks Rudi for sharing this info!


Great tip - Rudy. I was able to get this working with Flip2Mac on my MacBook Pro using Chrome. Netflix is available now in Germany also and with you can access that material from anywhere in the world with your Netflix account. Seems to be enough material to enjoy but I'm not sure there is a lot of original German programming. Doesn't matter if you want to learn the language but to stay engaged, I understand what ninja-turtle is saying.

Paul, or anyone else, if you do have any suggestions for German TV, that would be great. I have access on the weekends when I am in Stuttgart and I'm sure it might be useful for some others on the site here also. I already watch the DW channel on the iPad from time to time.



German TV company is good as well. 


ZDF ( )has a lot of material that can be watched from outside Germany, but it is all intended for a German audience so it is hard to follow. At least I find it tough after completing Level 3.
A lot of the films have German subtitles which is very useful.

Deutsche Welle has teaching material as well as news & current affairs.



Ich habe vor kurzem "Dogs of Berlin" und "Same Sky" auf Netflix beendet. Die beide sind ganz toll, aber "Same Sky" interessierte mich mehr. Es ging um das Leben in Ost-und Westberlin in den 1970er Jahren.



Also on Netflix I enjoyed "Dark" (scifi) and "Look who's back" (comedy about Hitler waking up in modern times). There are quite a few other German films and TV shows on Netflix.
Amazon Prime now has "Deutchland83" which is about a young East German soldier sent to spy on NATO in West Berlin. It has some similarities to Same Sky -East German spying in West Berlin.


Vielen Dank fur die Empfehlung!


For 1h 43m of easy German there is this:
Nicos Weg - A1 - The Movie
It's From Deutche Welle


Dark is a great show., as is Look who's back. 


Ich mag Das Hotel Sacher.  


Thanks for the recommendation, but it would help if you posted a link or at least indicated where to find the show.

There is an old movie with this name:

there is also something on youtube:


If you have Amazon Prime, Hotel Sacher is


Thanks, what a shame, it's not on amazon in the UK. I can see it on so I guess you are in the USA.


Tatort is my favorite. been running since 1970.


Thanks for the recommendation, it looks like a German CSI.


You tube has quite a few german documentaries about ww1 and especially ww2. The commentaries tend to be quite slow and clear, so they make quite a good resource in spite of a certain amount of military vocabulary.
As an example there is one about D day: History: Invasion im Morgengrauen - Die Landung in der Normandie


Showing on Sky TV in the UK
Der Pass / Pagans Peak
The series is downloadable.
It is a krimi based on the plot of "The Bridge"
It is set on the border between Germany and Austria. The dialogue is quite difficult with different accents to contend with and on Sky, only english subtitles are available.

On Netflix, I came across "Charité"
Set at the end of the 19th C, it is about the work of the famous bacteriologists Koch, Erlich and Behring as seen through the eyes of a young nurse who wants to be a doctor when that is not possible in Germany. It focuses more on the emotional lives of the characters rather than the science.

The dialogue is relatively slow compared with other shows.



On YouTube I like the “Bergbauernpreis” a documentary type of video most about 30 to 45 minutes long. Just getting started with german, the narrator I can pick up a few words. Some of the farmers are harder to understand dialects.


Thanks for the recommendation, they look like nice films. I find that documentaries in general have commentaries that are spoken slowly which is good. As you say, the farmer's accents are hard to follow.


I've just been following through all the links mentioned in the conversations so far and am glad for the recommendations.  I'm sure they'll add an extra perspective and different learning approach that will all help with learning my german.

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