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Berlin und Muenchen!



:D Hi! Ich fahre nach Berlin im September mit meine Mutter. Ich mache reisen fuer die (oder das/der) Berlin Marathon! We're traveling from NYC to Berlin, then from Berlin to Munich via plane. Then from Munich to Prague via train. I'm up to lesson 2.4 and my mother is just now learning to say "Guten Tag!" I'm going through all the lessons in the next few weeks, but which should I pay extra special attention to for a first time trip to these cities? (For instance, I've learned when booking my rooms that the questions "Haben wir unser eigenes Bat?" and "Ist das Fruestuck inclusiva?" are especially useful. V-


Hi, sounds like a great trip you have ahead of you. I recommend to go through Lesson 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 again. That way you will feel comfortable when it comes to asking questions at the tourist information centre (which is always a good stop to get a general idea of what you can do as well as getting a free map of the city). Lesson 2.3 will teach you everything you need to know about checking in at the airport. Don't be surprised when you land in München and everyone greets you with "Grüß Gott". That is the bavarian way of saying "Guten Tag". Lesson 4.3, 4.4 and 5.1 will help you to get to know handy phrases for booking a table at a restaurant, ordering and paying. I also recommend to listen to Lesson 6.4 as this one is set in München and you will learn about the well known Oktoberfest ( also referred to as the Bierfest) Here is a link to our newsletter series. This lesson is about socializing. You can access the previous lessons by clicking on the links at the very bottom of each lesson. Have a great trip!

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