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My husband just found his mother in Germany. He was adopted by Americans in the 1950's. They tried to speak on the phone, but she speaks only a few words of English, and he speaks very little German. After 10 minutes they gave up. I plan to order this course to help. We'd used to live in Germany, but have never visited as tourists short term. When is the travel most economical. We would be traveling to Landshut in Northern Bavaria. Would it be better to fly to Munich and drive? Can you recommend any inexpensive places to stay? We don't mind very simple accomodations. Thank you, Christina

Hi there, I guess the cheapest time to travel to Bavaria is probably April, May and September. Munich has an international airport so it's probably easiest to fly to Munich and drive from there. Unfortunately I can't think of any budget accomodation but you could try to search the net for "Unterkunft Landshut" ( accomodation Landshut) or "Touristeninformation Bayern" (tourist information bavaria). Don't forget that October is the busiest and most expensive month in Munich, because of the Oktoberfest. I hope that helps and good luck Nathalie :D

Now is a great time to travel to Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Many cities have beautiful Christmas markets which are worth visiting. The little market stalls sell everything from "Bratwurst" to wooden toys, from traditional treats like "gebrannte Maronen" to Christmas candels. The main streets are decorated with lights and you can keep yourself warm by drinking "Glühwein". Even though it's busy and not the cheapest time to travel it's wonderful for everyone who enjoys Christmas. If you are lucky you might even experience a white Christmas. Enjoy

Thanks for your help Nathalie. I appreciate the advice. We loved living in Germany and I plan to go back again. The economy has changed quite a bit since I lived there. Rocket German will really come in handy. To anyone else, the Germans will help you if you try to speak in their language. I remember trying to find whole cloves for a recipe my mother was using. I couldn't figure out the word and the packages did not help. I told the young girl, who didn't speak any English, I needed a spice that looked like small brown trees. She laughed and found them for me along with vanilla and cinnamon sticks. We still laugh about this, but it was fun and I will never forget her. Christina

Hi Christina, that's great to hear. I'm glad you've had a nice time in Germany. How was the weather? Apparently it's been an unusually warm winter. Nathalie P.S.: By the way the "little brown trees" (great discription :D ) are called "Nelken". There is also a very nice flower with the same name.

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