Paul, Are you native born and raised German, or second generation American brought up speaking the language of your parents? A couple of remarks in a past answer in the grammar section made me wonder, ie, "thinking about another trip; knocking the rust off", as well as your deciding to study the language again, have me in question. Nothing prompts this question other than curiosity; no offense intended. It just helps me understand the bio of the people behind Rocket. I know of no other place to reference the background, ie, education, brief history of the people that run this program. Thanks, Marvin


Hi Marvin, Have you confused me with 'Paul M10'? He is a learner here. My name is Paul Weber and I am working for Rocket Languages as you can see from my icon. I am native born and raised German. I started learning English from the age of 12 and had different teachers some preferring to teach American English other British English. I have been living in New Zealand for a couple of years now. Greetings Paul


Hallo Paul, Yes, I was confused and quite embarrassed when I discovered my error but it was too late to retract it. My apologies. My wife is also native born and raised German in Wiesbaden. She learned her Americanized English by babysitting service personnel's children as a teenager. Thanks for your response and again my apologies. Lobet den Herrn Marv.

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