German Language Schools in Bremen


Guten Tag! I'm being transferred to Bremen from April and I'd like to know if someone could recommend a decent language school there. I've already bookmarked a few that I've googled but would appreciate any recommendations. Danke, John


Hi there, sorry, I don't know any language schools in Bremen, does anyone else know?? Or have you even been to Bremen and tested one yourself? I always think that the courses from the Goethe Institute are very good, as you learn about the German way of life as well as the language. If they offer any course in Bremeb I would give them a try. Paul


I was recently accepted into the CBYX exchange program and i am attending an international sprachschule there. August 2010- October 2010.


Do NOT learn German in Germany. The schools here are terrible and the system they use to teach has not changed in 50 years. You will learn NOTHING in German schools. You need to learn with others from your own country that will assist you in the process. In Germany they think you will learn by only speaking German to you without any understanding in your original language. This DOES NOT WORK. If you are foolish enough to come to Germany to learn, make sure the class is taught in your language and other students are from your country and on the same level as you. Also get ready for a EXPENSIVE course. They charge high fees for terrible training. Stay with this course and others that help you. Find local people that will help you. The BBC has fun stuff online for free. GOOD LUCK, you will need it if you learn in Germany...


I found the Goethe Institut teaching to be excellent when I took a short, one month, course in Bonn. They are geared towards non-German learners and students are placed in groups of similar ability. I wish I could afford the time to do a longer course with them.


My ex girlfriend goes to Jacobs University in Bremen and I know that she as a freshmen was required to take a german class. its an international university and all classes are taught in english so you may want to inquire there as to if they'd allow you to register as a non-matriculating student and just take the german classes there.


I have taken courses in the Goethe Institute in Chile, they only spoke German in class, but they managed to make themselves understood. Best courses I have attended.


I find it funny people state what great training they got in Goethe, but are taking this course. I guess you needed more training. I recently quit the Goethe school because of the poor quality of training offered there.Learned everything I need from the Rocket course. Learned nothing at Goethe that offers no translation into English, only German is given to you. No one was learning, from what I saw. Big waste of time and lots of money.

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