German Sweets


I am going to Germany in a little while and was wondering if anyone knew of any must-have German sweets or candies that you can't get anywhere else. Anything that stores well for the flight back would also be good for souvenirs to help reminisce later about the trip. Danke.


German chocolate is quite good and ranks right up there with Belgian chocolate. Another speciality is marizanpan which is made with sugar and almonds. However, I can't think of anything that is totally unique to Germany that you couldn't get some place else.


They have a treat called Salty Herring, though as the name implies it is salty not sweet. I have met some German's in Australia and they find our sweets too sweet. So I am also interested to see what else they have.

David K

Mozartkugel from Salzburg is a tasty great and makes a great gift.

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