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Hallo! Ich heiße Chris Im from Tijuana, Mexico (north part of Mexico, in the border between Baja California and California). Spanish is my first language , but i also speak english, so im basically learning German my second language which is English whit Rocket German. The reason why i decided to take German lesson in English, is because spanish is very very diffrent than german, but english has some similarities, also i think the quality of lessons in english are better than the ones available in spanish. Is anyone in the same situation that i am?...(this is learning German as a 3rd language, but doing it on their 2nd.) If you are, what are your opinions regarding this?...you think is easy?...what are your tips? For example, someone who was is a native french speaker , and also knows english and is using rocket german to learn german. Well...vielen dank to all of you...i excpect a lot of comments :P Auf wiedersehen! PS: Sorry if my english sucks but again consider is not my first language...maybe i need the Rocket English course also hahah


Sorry In the second parragraph i meant "with" instead of "whit"


I took a class with someone who came over from Russia. She said that it was very hard, because since the class was in English, she had to translate everything from German to English to Russian. She had to force herself to think in English, which made it a little easier, and it helped her improve her English as well. She said that it took a lot of work, but she was able to do it. (BTW- your English seems to be very good. Except for a couple words that are misspelled, everything you wrote is written correctly)


Danke schön!!!... Yes, in fact, it helped me improve my english a lot, cause i have to "think in english" and now i`m trying to think in german. By the way , i just noticed now that i misspelled a few words hahaha the only one i noticed at first was the "whit" instead of "with" but now that a read it again i noticed "excpect" instead of "expect" and in the second paragraph i wrote "im learning german my second language" instead of "in my second language" hahah but well, that isn`t that bad at all!...again thanks for your comment, i was thinking no one was going to!!! hahaha... danke PA deutsh lover...i am a deutsch lover too!!!... bis bald!


Yeah, it is pretty normal. I study both German and Spanish through English (my native language is Czech). There are better courses/podcasts/basically everything you need and it's fun!


Hallo Cristian, My name is Renan and I speak Brazilian Portuguese. To me the english spoke in rocketlanguages is not very difficult even I'm not soo advanced in English. I've really improved my english when i started to thing in english. Before I used to read something in english and translate mentally to Portuguese. This is not a good work because I had to do 2 works and it was not efficient enought to me. Sorry for some mistake that i'd commited :)


hallo, i lived in germany a long time ago [1969-1977] its beena long time . i sill have a few friends there,we talk and occationly write now and then. i would like to learn what i have forgotteni am at least trying.


Trudy, What do you think about german people? It's a good place to live? I've been thinking to move there to apply for a trainee, could you tell me something about them?


Renan, I found Germany a good place to live and I would go back in an instant! if I could. If I were you I would go for it ! When you are my age you will be happy you did! The people are very accepting just give it a try.I think you will like as much as I did, I lived in southern Germany the countryside was beautiful. I will stop writting you probably think I am a very boring human well i pobablly am ! have fun.


Renan - I would say GO!!!! GO and don't look back!! I HUGELY regret not going to study and/or work. Trudy - I bet you are NOT boring and have great stories!! I love Bavaria. So beautiful!!! :)


Trudy, please do not stop writing! kkk Thx for advices guys


it has been a while. oh well i am still here ! and learning how much i have forgotten!!! i never thought about Articles and such things when i lived in deutschland! i used them everyday but never thought about it one way or the other. it is like my telephone no. when asked i frequently forget what it is!! when you learn anything keep using it or like they say you will lose it !!!!!! i am a prime example. i used to be good at speaking german. when i lived there i did not even know any english speaking people.just the occational person in a shop or someone needing directions. i loved every minute!!it was either sink or swim and i swam!!!!! i loved it .but i came home and it was hard to find german speakers and now i have forgotten so much ,well i had better get back to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to learn this it is a pride thing now...........!!!! i will learn it again and not lose it this time. have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am an arbic native, yet I am learning detusch throughout english, for a simple reason which is english is so close to german than arabic, as we know that english is originally derived from german....it is better to understand that way especially in grammar. I wish u all the best :)


Hi ibtihel, That makes sense to me. Many German words are nearly the same as English. However, you will find that the German grammar is a bit more complicated with all the gender and case rules.


yes defiantly!!!


Hallo Byron k2, I totally agree with you, as matter of fact, i find diffuclties in learning grammar. I find it really complicated. but I am trying to stay positive and search for solutions.


Hallo ibtihel, It wouldn't be quite so bad if it weren't for the genders. Hand is feminine, leg is masculine, and wrist is neuter. Where is the logic in that? I'll stop now before I go into my German gender rant. I am, however, beginning to get an appreciation for the case distinctions. It allows a lot of flexibility of expression in the way elements of a sentence are ordered, particularly in writing, not that it makes it any easier, but at least I can see some sense to it. But genders? Well, I said I would stop. Good luck with your studies and have fun with it. I intend to.


nope , I'm doing spanish with my 2nd (english) jajja . however, i had a friend who learning it ,she said it is so closed to English. good luck


Wow, with so many people using English as a pivot language for learning another, I would think the English on this site would be perfected by now.

Do you like to have the right English (American) corrections to the language or is just a general idea enough? I ask because I was trying not to be too picky about the English when I find errors. After seeing this thread, it makes me think I should report every odd item I find.

Good luck to you all!

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