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Time confusion


Hi Paul, In lesson 18.2 'German Punctuality' Mathias says, "Hmm, schon halb sieben und Alex ist noch immer nicht hier". Halb sieben is translated as 6:30. In lesson 21.3 'Ab in die Schule' Sabine says, "Andreas, jetzt komm schon! Es ist schon halb sieben. In this case halb sieben is translated as 7:30. Shouldn't they both be translated as 6:30? I thought I had this whole time thing sorted out in my head, but maybe I don't! Help Shannon


Hi Shannon, You are right about being confused in lesson 21.3, 'Es ist schon halb sieben.' should be 6:30 like in lesson 18.2. 7:30 would be halb acht. Thanks for pointing this out to me. have a nice weekend! Gruß Paul

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