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Hey guys, I finished the course about a month ago and I've been trying to translate movies to improve my skill. The movie is Final Fantasy Advent Children, which is anime so I'm sure there is lots of slang and that it may even be rude, so my online dictionary isn't helping at all. Bassically the phrase SOUNDS something like: "Kazukte Kasaan motto kuru e iko. Kazukte skarau ao tzuze, Oshidits kaizi sunda!" The subtitles are "And then let's go to where mother is at. Let's combine our strength as a family and take revenge against this planet!" So far all I can trandlate is kasaan for mother and iko for go. Also I think maybe 'sunda' is my mis-hearing 'sondau' which apparently can mean family, but someone else's which doens't really fit the context. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I uploaded this clip to my myspace, as I'm sure my guesses at the words are worthless: Mata au hi made.


Konnichiwa! Genki desuka? Well, the Japanese phrase that the guy is saying is: Sorede, kaasan no tokoro e ikou Kazoku de chikawa wo awasete, hoshi ni shikaeshi surunda! You were correct about kaasan being mother, and ikou for go. Great job! Let me break it down for you: Sorede: And then Kaasan no: to mother tokoro: place/where e ikou: let's go Kazoku: Family chikara: power/strength wo awasete: combine, together hoshi: star/planet shikaeshi: revenge surunda: we will do... (it comes from the verb SURU, SHIMASU) I hope this helped! Mata ne! :D


Thanks! This is perfect! :D

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