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Travel Buddy to Germany



Hello All, I've been listening to my Rocket German and More Rocket German for a few months now. Although I am far from fluent, I'd still like to travel to Germany to try it out and learn more. If anyone out there wants a travel buddy, let me know. Sometimes it's a little easier on the wallet if you go with others. My reasons for going would be to learn more about the culture, practice speaking German, and perhaps a few hikes or a bicycle ride. Not looking to get hammered at a bar every night but will partake in the festivities as drinking Bier is culture. Let me know if anyone is interested. Oh and I am a male if that a matter... Would prefer small villages vs cities....


Hello Skyhawk - I will be in Germany for 2 months, beginning in December. I'll be limited in my ability to travel, as I am there for work. I will have weekends, but cannot travel more than two hours from my post. I also cannot host anyone in my housing, but if you make it to Germany during the winter, and want to head south for a weekend, I could probably round up a few snow hikers!

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