Visiting Düsseldorf


Hello Everybody,

I will be visiting Düsseldorf (duesseldorf) in March from 18th to 22nd and I am looking to identify what events are happening there that would make sense (i.e. I'm not ready for an opera or even a film without subtitles). Can anybody make specific suggestions on must-see or must-do in Düsseldorf?

I have the basic tourist site:

I'll report back any exceptional things I see or do.



Was haben Sie in Düsseldorf gesehen?


Guten Tag Jacinda,

Ich habe Aachen und Düsseldorf gesehen.

Aachen is a wonderful city and has a big school. I visited some coal mines, took a ferry, visited a Japanese temple (good timing because the cherry blossoms were just starting) and went up a tower in Düsseldorf. Amazing how many ships carrying all sorts of stuff go down that river.

Sorry, all is nearly forgotten. Too much work...


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